Anthony Opipari


PhD Candidate, University of Michigan

Blog Posts

Thanks for visiting my blog! As of February 2023, I’m still working on adding and updating the style of my posts from my old website—expect to see more posts in the future.

Dynamic Background Slides are Awesome

Using dynamic backgrounds in Keynote for visually appealing title slides

February, 2023.

Presenting at ECCV 2022

European Conference on Computer Vision

October, 2022. Tel Aviv, Israel.

The Qualcomm Innovation Fellowship

Algorithm-Hardware Co-Design for Energy-Efficient Autonomous Planning

September, 2022. Ann Arbor, USA.

Presenting at ICRA 2022

International Conference on Robotics and Automation

May, 2022. Philadelphia, USA.

Teaching AutoRob

EECS 367, EECS 567 & ROB 510: Robot Operating Systems

Winter 2022. Computer Science & Engineering Department, University of Michigan.

Teaching Cryptography

EECS 575: Advanced Cryptography

Fall 2021. Computer Science & Engineering Department, University of Michigan.

Summary and Interpretation of Quantum Decoherence

Final course project for EECS 598: Quantum Information, Probability and Computation

Winter 2020. Electrical & Computer Engineering Department, University of Michigan.

The Axioms of Quantum Mechanics

A post on the governing principles of our universe

March 2020.

Getting my Ham Radio License at MIT

FCC Amateur Radio License: K1FMN

July 2019.

Living in Boston

Reflecting on my time in Cambridge, MA

June 2019.

GraphPlan for Robot Task Planning

Generic robot task planning as search through a graph

July 2018.

Evolutionary Algorithms for Pendulum Control

Final course project for CMPLXSYS 425: Evolution In Silico

Winter 2018. Center for the Study of Complex Systems, University of Michigan.

Imagining Cars with GANs

Image generation with Generative Adversarial Networks

April 2018.

Cellular Automata

Simple programs producing complex output

March 2018.